Continued high levels of business sales in Denmark, and Europe ends the year with a record quarter


In Denmark, the fourth quarter of the year indicates a continued high level of activity in Danish business sales on top of the record high Q4 in 2018. At the same time, Q4 shows that Danish companies' appetite for international acquisitions remain high, though not as high as we saw it in 2018. The overall Danish activity level remains healthy, and the year as a whole ends up as the second best ever measured in the total number of transactions. The strategic buyers of Danish companies account for 70% for an increasing share of the acquisitions, while the remaining 30% have financial buyers.

Looking at the European M&A market overall, the level of activity in Q4 is historically high, as no quarter has exceeded the number of transactions in the last ten years. Also, 2019 as a whole ends up being the second best ever measured in total transactions.

We saw in 2019 that strategic buyers completed an increasing share of transactions, and the year became the second most active for corporate transactions ever - surpassed only by the record year 2018. Pricing for private companies remains at an attractive and stable level and interest in attractive companies remains strong from both strategic and financial buyers worldwide. DANIEL SAND – MANAGING PARTNER, OAKLINS DENMARK

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Daniel sand
Daniel Sand Copenhagen, Denmark
Managing Partner
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Morten  til
Morten Gerner Copenhagen, Denmark
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