OKNygaard has been acquired by French idverde


OKNygaard, Denmark's largest privately owned grounds maintenance and landscaping company, has been sold to a portfolio company of Core Equity Holdings – idverde, Europe’s largest provider of grounds maintenance and landscaping services.

OKNygaard is a full-service provider of grounds maintenance, urban landscaping and climate adaptation services as well as winter services of outdoor areas in Denmark. The company has more than 550 employees and an annual turnover of approximately EUR 80 million.

Oaklins was engaged by the owners of OKNygaard as strategic and financial advisor in this transaction.

Being a founder 30 years ago, I never imagined we could create a sizeable company like OKNygaard. The sale to idverde is a win-win situation, giving us a unique opportunity to accelerate our growth journey as part of Europe’s leading landscaping company, while strengthening idverde’s presence in Denmark significantly. Oaklins’ seamless execution throughout the process was absolutely essential for the outcome. OLE KJÆRGAARD, CEO & OWNER - OKNYGAARD

About OKNygaard

OKNygaard was founded in 2013, as a merger of two well-established landscaping companies; Bent Nygaard Anlæg and OK Grøn Anlæg. Since then, OKNygaard has effectively executed an ambitious growth strategy and has grown into a leading nationwide landscaping company, serving more than 90% of the Danish municipalities. OKNygaard offers services within four main categories; grounds maintenance, landscaping, climate adaptation and winter services. Customers include private and public companies, housing associations, institutions and organisations, either with local or nationwide presence. OKNygaard has a total of 11 locations strategically situated across Jutland, Zealand and Funen.

Read more about OKNygaard on the website: www.oknygaard.dk

About idverde

idverde is Europe’s largest provider of grounds maintenance and landscape construction services, with an annual turnover of EUR c. 700 million and 7,000 employees. The group operates throughout France, UK, Netherlands and Denmark and is owned by management alongside Core Equity Holdings, a Belgium-based private equity firm.

Read more about idverde on the website: www.idverde.com

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