Evolution of the Internet of Things – an M&A perspective

Internet of Things (IoT) Spot On

Spending on cutting-edge IoT technology has been huge, with US$863 million invested in manufacturing sector acquisitions alone between 2017 and 2019. Despite the current condition of the world economy, only moderate slowdown is expected, with companies needing to adapt to new technology faster. The manufacturing sector is responsible for the highest number of IoT target takeovers, followed by retail and healthcare. Jan P. Hatje, Oaklins’ IoT specialist, shares his thoughts on the industry, plus we have insightful views from each corner of the globe thanks to our experienced colleagues:

  • Strong appetite for IoT acquisitions in the Nordics: Kim Harpøth Jespersen, Partner, Copenhagen
  • The impact of COVID-19 on IoT: Jonathan Tooth, Director, Melbourne
  • Food and agro sectors to fuel IoT advancements in Brazil: Frederico Toledo, Senior Associate, São Paulo
While IoT is a fundamental game-changer for the economy and our daily lives, 5G is the required accelerator. 5G will allow AI and predictive learning to thrive from anywhere, meaning the creation of truly useful IoT. This will enhance market volume and growth and will fuel M&A activity. JAN P. HATJE, INTERNET OF THINGS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

Our case study features the sale of Garz & Fricke, a successful Hamburg-based supplier of embedded systems and vending and telemetry solutions to AFINUM Management GmbH, an independent investment company.    

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