Neets A/S sold to the American group Biamp Systems


Biamp Systems, a leading supplier of professional audiovisual solutions based in Beaverton, Oregon, has acquired Neets A/S, a leading independent maker of audiovisual control systems.

Biamp Systems have charted an aggressive growth strategy that blends organic product line and distribution expansion with entry into new markets via acquisition. Neets’ products and expertise enhance Biamp’s current control offerings and place it among the leaders of full line professional AV suppliers. In addition to control, Neets recently added several other innovative products that target conferencing applications including media bars, cameras, device hubs, and in-table connectivity systems.

Neets will join Biamp as a new product family within the company’s portfolio, with business functions gradually being blended to form a single Biamp business.

Oaklins was engaged by the owners of Neets A/S as the exclusive financial advisor in this transaction.

As part of Biamp, with its broad product portfolio and worldwide distribution system, Neets will be able to deliver its products to a far larger customer community. Together, Biamp and Neets offer one of the broadest, most capable families of AV solutions available from any vendor anywhere in the world. MICHAEL JARL CHRISTENSEN, CEO - NEETS A/S

About Neets A/S

Established in 1999 and based in Horsens, Denmark, Neets A/S is a respected independent manufacturer of AV control systems. Neets is a leading supplier of AV Control Systems in all of Scandinavia , offering a mature, comprehensive family of device controllers, control interfaces, and control software that is distinctive for its ease of use and elegant design.

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About Biamp Systems

Established in 1976 and based in Beaverton, Oregon, Biamp Systems has for more than 40 years created professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication. As a leading provider of professional audio systems for business, education and government facilities, the company is recognized worldwide for delivering innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audio/video installations. Since 2017, Biamp Systems has been backed by the PE investor Highlander Partners.

Biamp is dedicated to creating products that drive the evolution of communication through sight and sound. The award-winning Biamp product suite includes: Tesira® media system for digital audio and video networking, TCM beamtracking microphones, Devio® collaboration tool for modern workplaces, Audia® digital audio platform, Nexia® digital signal processors, and Vocia® networked public address and voice evacuation system. Each has its own specific feature set that can be customized and integrated in a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, conference centers, huddle rooms, performing arts venues, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, campuses, and multi-building facilities.

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