Sjørring Maskinfabrik has been sold to Terratech Group


Sjørring Maskinfabrik (Sjorring), the leading European manufacturer of buckets for heavy construction equipment, has been sold to Terratech Group.

Sjorring operates as a well-known manufacturer and supplier of wheel loader buckets to OEMs in Europe, and as supplier of excavator buckets under own brand name to OEDs. The high-margin attachment specialist is now ready to embark on its next growth trajectory together with Sweden-based Terratech Group.

Oaklins was engaged by Dansk Ejerkapital (largest shareholder) and the other shareholders of Sjorring as strategic and financial advisor in this transaction.

Oaklins was instrumental in pushing the process forward, and securing a transaction with an attractive outcome for the sellers, the buyer and for Sjorring’s future development. RONNIE MØLLER-THORSØE, PARTNER – DANSK EJERKAPITAL

About Sjørring Maskinfabrik (Sjorring)

Sjorring was founded in 1946, and is headquartered in Thisted, Denmark, with a sales office in Aarhus. The company has c. 230 employees, and develops and manufactures buckets to some of the largest construction equipment companies in the world. Sjorring has a unique position in the industry rooted in its long-term customer relations with leading OEMs and OEDs, best-in-class production flow, a state-ofthe- art supply chain, in-house design and engineering capabilities with own IPR.


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About Terratech Group

Terratech Group is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for tool carriers, which includes an offering of tiltrotators, quick couplers, and control systems providing undisputable benefits to fleet owners and operators. Terratech Group is owned by the Swedish/Danish PE firm Solix and comprises the subsidiaries Steelwrist and SVAB with sales offices globally.

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