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Klein Steel Service, a premier metals supplier and processing center, has been acquired by Alro Steel.

Klein Steel Service provides world-class inventory and supply management solutions with over 3,500 SKUs of carbon, stainless steel, aluminum and specialty metals. The company offers a full range of value-added processing services, including component manufacturing and kitting for commercial applications as well as customer-specific materials. Alro Steel was founded in 1948 as a steel distributor in Jackson, Michigan. Over the past seven decades, Alro has expanded its operations to over 70 locations in 13 states, and extended its offerings to include plastics, industrial supplies and value-added processing.

Oaklins’ attention to detail and confidentiality made our management team feel comfortable with the requirements of each phase of this deal. The company’s expertise in the steel industry made the process much more fluid than we believed possible. There were no surprises, which eliminated a lot of stress on our part. MIKE YOUNG, PRESIDENT, KLEIN STEEL SERVICE, USA

Oaklins played a key role in facilitating this deal

Oaklins Heritage in Jacksonville and Savannah acted as the lead advisor to the seller and the management of Klein Steel Service in the preparation of the sale process and due diligence, as well as the approach and parallel negotiations with potential buyers, and assisted them until closing.

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