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Celfinet, an international wireless engineering services company based in Portugal, has been acquired by the Indian-listed multinational Cyient.

Celfinet focuses on providing end-to-end network planning and performance optimization services. The company has successfully built an international business combining outstanding wireless engineering expertise and a best-in-class network management solutions portfolio, to improve network quality and wireless customer experience. Celfinet is a trusted technology partner to some of the world’s leading mobile operators.

Oaklins played a crucial role in helping us reach the fi nish line of a very complex cross-border transaction across six different countries and four different languages and time zones. Their professionalism, dedication, flexibility and unwavering support were fundamental to keep us going and to get the best possible deal. NUNO RIBEIRO, CEO & FOUNDER – JOSÉ MATA, CO-CEO, CELFINET, PORTUGAL

Oaklins played a key role in facilitating this deal

Oaklins’ team in Portugal acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholders of Celfinet. The team was involved throughout the preparation of the sale process and supported all aspects of

the negotiation phase until closing.

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