Creating a powerhouse for sustainable bioenergy


Leading Danish large-scale biogas plant sold to create a powerhouse for sustainable bioenergy. Maabjerg Energy Center Holding (MEC-Biogas), a Danish large-scale industrial biogas plant, has been sold by Struer Energi and Vestforsyning to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

With the transaction, CIP aims to expand the overall annual capacity of sustainable biomass to approximately 800,000 tons, along with the exploration of novel business models for the plant. This expansion includes the injection of approximately 30 million normal cubic meters of upgraded biogas into the gas grid and the production of around 40,000 tons of biogenic CO2 for the Power-to-X industry. Struer Energi and Vestforsyning see great potential with CIP’s commitment to acquiring and investing a substantial amount into developing MEC-Biogas plant, particularly considering the generation of bioethanol as a future vital part of sustainable bioenergy.

Oaklins’ team in Denmark was engaged by the owners of MEC-Biogas as strategic and financial advisor in this transaction.

We are pleased to have supported our client on this significant transaction in a vibrant Danish biogas sector. KIM HARPØTH JESPERSEN, MANAGING PARTNER – OAKLINS BEIERHOLM

About Maabjerg Energy Center (MEC-Biogas)

MEC-Biogas, headquartered in Holstebro, Denmark, represents one of Denmark’s pioneering industrial biogas facilities, effectively transforming approximately 500,000 tons of manure annually into raw biogas for the generation of power and heat.


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About Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)

CIP is the world’s largest dedicated fund manager within greenfield renewable energy investments, based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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