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Dania Software, the Danish document creation software provider with international potential, has been acquired by Omnidocs (Main Capital).

Oaklins’ team in Denmark was engaged by the owners of Dania Software as strategic and financial advisor in this transaction.

We are pleased with the sale of Dania Software to Omnidocs Group / Main Capital Partners. It marks a recognition of our achievements succeeding in placing Dania Software as a leading software solution provider in the market. Becoming a part of the constellation with Omnidocs Group and Main Capital Partners will provide us a strong basis for our continued growth. As management and shareholders, we look forward to continue our journey creating a strong value proposition for our customers. LARS HINTZE ANDERSEN – CEO & CO-OWNER – DANIA SOFTWARE

About Dania Software

Founded in 2015 Dania Software is a Danish SaaS company delivering template management, document accessibility tools and electronic signature solutions – currently primarily to the Danish public sector, but also deploying internationally to clients across Europe like Dublin City Council and the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation.

Dania Software has a scalable solution suitable for public and private companies and institutions in Denmark and abroad. A key differentiator for Dania Software’s strong presence in the public sector is the various integration possibilities, where Dania Software’s solutions integrates seamlessly with more than 40 vital business systems.


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About Omnidocs Group

Omnidocs Group, a portfolio company of Main Capital, is a leading Smart Document Creation & Management software vendor, headquartered in Denmark. It serves more than 300 customers, of which the majority are multinational enterprises and public organisations.

With more than 1,100 users served through its local presence in Denmark, Norway and US, the combined group will be well-positioned to become a leading document creation software provider in Europe and US. The acquisition marks the first step in Omnidocs buy-and-build strategy since the start of the partnership with Main Capital in January 2024.

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