Syslore is acquired by private equity backed Escher Group

Oaklins' team in Finland advised the shareholders of Syslore Ltd. on the sale of the company to Escher Group, a portfolio company of London based Hanover Investors Management LLP.

Syslore develops the best in class address matching and recognition software solutions for postal and logistics companies, helping them to cut operational costs, maximize mail sorting automation and deliver physical and digital mail streams more efficiently. Syslore products and solutions apply artificial intelligence, fuzzy matching, OCR/ICR, pattern recognition, image analysis and machine learning technologies to match and recognize address and other data with unmatched accuracy, speed and intelligence.

Dublin-headquartered software services developer Escher Group is a world leading provider of outsourced point-of-service (PoS) software for use in the postal, retail and government sectors. It automates PoS and mail processing systems and, through its Riposte platform, clients are given a messaging infrastructure for XML messaging. This software platform powers the world’s first and last-mile deliveries, helping postal, retail, courier, and logistics organizations connect nearly 1 billion consumers with global eCommerce networks.

British private equity firm Hanover Investors Management LLP has acquired Escher Group in 2018. Hanover Investors has built a unique reputation among UK equity investors since its foundation in 2002 for its active intervention in small and mid-cap UK public companies, where they regularly act as a catalyst for change on behalf of shareholders.

Established in Helsinki two decades ago by the group of talented engineers, through relentless work and the lessons learned from solving the most challenging address recognition and data matching problems with its customers and partners, Syslore became a provider of choice for national postal operators and leading logistics enterprises of the Nordic region. This acquisition marks the beginning of the next chapter in Syslore's growth story and strengthens product offering of Escher Group.

Oaklins' team in Finland acted as an exclusive financial advisor to the owners of Syslore in this transaction. Our dedicated team was able to identify the perfect buyer and supported the shareholders throughout the whole process.

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