Building Materials sector: transaction activity on the rise

Have you noticed the recent flurry of transaction activity in the Building Materials sector? Building Materials specialist Brian Livingston considers why this is taking place and what the resulting future could look like.

With newly adopted strategies that involve focusing on core assets to improve overall margins, there has been a number of non-core disposals by larger players in the sector. At the same time there has been a consolidation play taking place towards the smaller end of the market, with regional merchant groups growing by making multiple acquisitions to achieve economies of scale and increase their geographical presence and customer base. In this market commentary Building Materials specialist Brian Livingston assesses how these trends interact and what impact they’re having on the changing landscape in the sector.

Historically competition for assets in the Building Materials sector has not been great, keeping transaction prices low. Appetite is growing and competition for assets is going to increase as this trend gathers momentum, potentially forcing prices up. In this article we look at the rationale for the flurry of recent deals in the space and what the changing Building Materials landscape could look like when the dust settles. BRIAN LIVINGSTON, BUILDING MATERIALS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS


We also consider the role of private equity in the sector and its driving force in the emergence of a middle ground between larger players and one-or-two site distributors, following a number of simultaneous acquisitions from the likes of Blackstone-backed Huws Gray and Grant & Stone, a portfolio asset of Cairngorm Capital, creating some of the largest independent merchanting groups in the UK.

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