M&A activity in the robotics sector on the rise

Robotics Report

With the global pandemic making digitalization and automation vital in many industries across the world, by enabling the use of robots that don’t get sick and can work around the clock, the robotics sector has seen a rise in momentum this year. M&A activity has benefitted from this situation, and 2021 has seen a rise in transactions compared to 2020. Our latest Robotics Report explores how this new reality is playing out in areas such as warehousing and material handling, which particularly favor collaborative robots (cobots), and consumer electronics.

Our report also covers the sharp growth in industry valuations, which is resulting from a variety of factors including positive economic expectations, a pick-up in demand from the electrical/electronics industry, and changing awareness among businesses regarding automation.

In addition, we consider transaction multiples, deal sizes and the buyer structure behind those, and look ahead to what the future might bring to this sector. Finally, we sit down with Anthony Fernando, CEO of Asensus Surgical, to hear how he views the outlook for his company and what makes it stand out from competitors. 

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