COVID-19 accelerating the desire for healthy nutrition

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have reduced demand in many industries, but the nutritional ingredients market is stronger than ever due to perceived healing properties and consumers’ desires to further protect their well-being. While there is no magic pill to guarantee health, Oaklins’ food ingredients specialist Michele Manetti explains the other aspects driving the market, from factors such as macro trends and a desire for sustainable products. While the current pandemic situation will eventually change, some of these elements will continue to have a longer-lasting and positive effect on the sector.

A study shows that health-related terminology concerning food choices has gone through the roof, with a huge 66% increase in food chatter, especially regarding nutrients that enhance the immune system.

The growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet for physical and mental well-being was already a relevant trend in the industry before the COVID-19 emergency. The current crisis situations could eventually consolidate this positive movement and increase the consumer base of nutritional and functional ingredients. MICHELE MANETTI, FOOD INGREDIENTS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

We have charted the various types of key nutritional ingredients and their functions to give a clear overview of the variety available and the areas of health that they target.

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