Journeying forward: advances in railway rolling stock

Rail Rolling Stock Spot On

Within the rail sector, consolidation and economies of scale have become key drivers, leading to important levels of M&A. As covered in our latest Rail Rolling Stock Spot On, both strategic and financial acquirors have shown interest in companies in this industry, as they seek out high-quality assets from different segments.

In 2023, the rail sector continued to experience robust M&A activity, driven by the imperative for economies of scale. A dynamic competitive landscape spurred consolidation as companies sought to strengthen their positions. The appetite for high-quality assets remains high among both financial investors and strategic acquirors across various rail segments. Leveraging our expertise, Oaklins’ rail specialists possess an in-depth understanding of how to strategically position companies to maximize their value upon exit. SÉBASTIEN NADEAU, RAIL ROLLING STOCK SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

We also look at rail liberalization in the EU, which has been an important trend resulting in increased competition and demand for rolling stock.

In addition, our specialists delve into the significance of railtech when it comes to acquisitions, compare the performance figures of publicly traded companies in rail-related manufacturing, and spotlight recent cross-border transactions in the EU.

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