Food ingredients sustain the market during the pandemic

Food Ingredients Spot On

With sector players' multiples reaching new peaks after recovering strongly from the pandemic's initial impact, Oaklins’ food ingredient specialist Michele Manetti and his team analyze the latest market trends.

After an initial slight downturn during the early economic uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 outbreak, which affected all industries, the food ingredients market reacted very well to the pandemic. Companies maintained good levels of profitability and valuations rose, as demonstrated by the increase in listed companies’ multiples. MICHELE MANETTI, FOOD INGREDIENTS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

This issue’s spotlight falls on the Sacco System Group, Italian producer of milk enzymes, food microorganisms, probiotics, rennet and other enzymes, and marketer of laboratory products for food control. Chairman and managing director Martino Verga explains the route he took to grow the company started by his great-grandfather in 1872 into an international brand of biotech excellence.

We summarize sector deal rationale in a list of recent private transactions and chart strategic movement by key industry players so you can visualize their continuing consolidation process. As well as providing a list of valuations and breaking down M&A activity by region, the custom index created by our specialists compares the performance of listed food ingredients companies against other food producer indices to complete your up-to-date sector overview.

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