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How can businesses stay ahead in the industry when sales and production of light vehicles are declining? Oaklins’ automotive OEM supplier specialist, Matt Mueller, looks at future trends and optimal strategies for companies to remain competitive. With connected, autonomous, shared, electric (CASE) technologies powering the traditional automotive industry’s evolution, suppliers need to analyze their core capabilities to ensure they offer added value in order to maneuver into lead position in their targeted markets. We provide an overview of expected growth in each segment and sound advice on the self-evaluation suppliers need to undertake to position themselves for long-term success.

With accelerating change in the industry, now more than ever automotive suppliers will need to assess their market position and core capabilities in order to determine the optimal strategy for success. MATT MUELLER, AUTOMOTIVE OEM SUPPLIER SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

In addition, we chart performance by segment, using selected public company valuations, as well as deal volume and cross-border M&A.

Our case study features the sale of Prochimir, a company specializing in the development, design, production and distribution of technical films, to Bostik, a subsidiary of French industrial group Arkema, who will provide the support the firm needs to achieve its long-term growth objectives.

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