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We are facing a global crisis in the shape of climate change and its impact on our environment. Although governments and the private sector across the world are undertaking measures together to deal with this situation, the results are sometimes uneven.

However, in our latest Spot On, we look at a sector where notable progress has been made, thanks to the rise of sustainable, environmentally friendly building designs and materials. ‘Green construction’ is thriving and was the subject of a recent Oaklins webinar, featuring both in-house and external experts.

Sustainability concerns within the built environment sector have changed from being seen as a compliance-led regulatory burden to being core for companies’ strategies within the sector. This development has been accompanied by a rapidly accelerating technology uptake across the building materials value chain. We believe these two emerging trends are driving M&A activity, increasing the number of buyers and attracting materially higher valuations. BRIAN LIVINGSTON, BUILDING MATERIALS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

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We cover the highlights of the webinar in our report, including how companies can approach current climate challenges, the need for more expert labor, and M&A strategy and deal prices in the sector.

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