Strategic expansion into the digital health market to improve patient safety

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The founders of MBI Healthcare Technologies (MBI) have sold a majority stake to DNV AS.

MBI supplies healthcare providers with artificial intelligence-backed technology and data quality expertise to reduce patient safety risks, deliver care more efficiently and bring down waiting times for elective treatment. Over the past decade, MBI has worked with more than 80 healthcare providers in the UK, including the NHS, to improve elective care performance.

We are delighted to partner with DNV, a renowned assurance provider in multiple safety-critical industries including healthcare. MBI Healthcare Technologies’ thought-leading position in elective care performance, combined with DNV’s reputation, international infrastructure and digital assurance expertise, is a recipe for making a much greater impact on healthcare systems in the UK and abroad. BARRY MULHOLLAND, FOUNDING PARTNER, MBI HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES, UNITED KINGDOM

Oaklins assisted in finding a suitable partner

Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, advised the shareholders of MBI on the majority sale and retained equity option agreement, along with the shareholders’ agreement and equity terms.

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