Continued internationalization for simulation software company with world-leading digital building platform

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The owners and management of EQUA Simulation AB have divested the company to MagiCAD Group Oy, a Finnish subsidiary of the Shenzhen A-share listed Glodon Company Limited.

Over the past 30 years, EQUA has evolved into a simulation software pioneer known for its expertise, high standards and leading-edge technology development. Today, the company is in a very good position to benefit from the increasing demand for high-performance and energy-efficient buildings, fueled by stricter rules and legislation and higher ESG awareness.

Joining forces with MagiCAD opens up new opportunities for EQUA. We expect our new partner to help us move simulation from expert to mainstream, and that design and refurbishment decisions will be increasingly driven by science rather than tradition and fear of undersizing. With a significant minority ownership still in the company, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to capitalize on Glodon’s existing platform to increase the reach of our solutions within energy optimization and simulation. I am impressed by Oaklins’ dedication and methodical work, which resulted in a deal that exceeded our expectations. PER SAHLIN, FOUNDER AND CEO, EQUA SIMULATION AB, SWEDEN

Oaklins’ worldwide reach helped find the right partner

Oaklins’ team in Sweden acted as financial advisor to the owners and management of EQUA Simulation AB in this transaction. The team’s approach, solid preparatory work coupled with its expertise in the TMT sector, ensured a well-executed process.

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