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As the steps towards a more sustainable world pick up pace, the contribution of the Internet of Things (IoT) to this process is becoming increasingly significant. As we report in our latest Spot On, innovative solutions are needed to face challenges such as the global energy crisis and climate change, and they can be provided by IoT thanks to features such as its versatility.

Our IoT expert, Jan P. Hatje, explores current market trends in the sector, the essential role being played by sustainable IoT, and how both public and private institutions are turning to this kind of technology to help achieve their goals.

NVM Private Equity’s successful sale of Mobius Networks Ltd. to Wireless Logic Limited has underlined the demand for sustainable IoT solutions. The rising interest in these solutions is a significant indicator of a market that is becoming increasingly attractive to private equity firms as IoT companies evolve into mature businesses. And as they are characterized more and more by stable revenues, cash flows and diversified customer groups, a growing number of private equity firms are drawn to invest in IoT companies. JAN P. HATJE, IOT SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

The report also includes a case study regarding the sale of Mobius Networks Ltd. by NVM Private Equity LLP, an overview of a transaction where Oaklins acted as exclusive financial advisor and recent valuation trends.

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