From hype to impact: capitalizing on the AI revolution

On 21st June we hosted a webinar to discuss current market dynamics in the sector with five expert speakers.

Since ChatGPT and OpenAI hit our computers and then our mobile phones, interest in AI has accelerated. Related technologies such as large language models and generative AI in particular have captured people’s attention, but the AI movement is widespread and unstoppable. This webinar discussed trends and opportunities in the AI market for entrepreneurs, investors and acquirors, risks and controversies, and the tsunami of interest in generative AI startups since ChatGPT surpassed 100 million users in February.

If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recording below:

The AI revolution is reshaping our world, much like the transformative impact of the iPhone. ChatGPT and generative AI have propelled large language models, deep learning, and generative AI into the spotlight, igniting a surge of investment interest and empowering individuals. Amidst this progress, we must acknowledge the evolving landscape. Tech giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Canva, and others have swiftly embraced AI, introducing AI-infused offerings. While showcasing immense potential, this also challenges startups, limiting their opportunities among industry giants. It's vital to grasp that AI isn't merely a "new" technology; it has deep historical roots from 1956. Moreover, AI's foundation intertwines with Big Data and the Internet, shaping today's AI landscape and unlocking new possibilities for innovation. As we embark on this journey, we must navigate complexities. Ensuring AI reliability, grappling with regulations, and upholding ethical standards demand our attention. By exploring opportunities, risks, and ethics, we can chart a course maximizing returns on investment and effort. JOHN MATTHEWS, AI SPECIALIST, OAKLINS


Hear these experts share their views about the fast-changing industry: 

Klaris edward white
Ed Klaris New York, United States
Managing Partner, Klaris Law
Florian kahlert 2 white
Florian Kahlert New York, United States
Former CEO, Helixa
Matt turck white
Matt Turck New York, United States
Partner, FirstMark
Mihkel jaatma white
Mihkel Jäätma London, United Kingdom
Co-founder and CEO, Realeyes
Ollie forsyth white
Ollie Forsyth London, United Kingdom
Global Head of Community, Antler

Ed Klaris is the managing partner at Klaris Law and CEO of KlarisIP. An award-winning media lawyer, he is also an expert on the legal and copyright issues related to generative AI content and often appears in the media talking about this subject. In the past Ed has worked at Davis Wright Tremaine, ABC/Disney, The New Yorker and Condé Nast, and spent a number of years as an M&A banker with Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips. Since 2005, he has been an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School, teaching media law and intellectual property.

Florian Kahlert is the former CEO of SaaS AI adtech and insights business, Helixa. He built his career around online media technology and market research, spending the last 20 years applying advances in technology and data analysis to creating technology-based insights products and services. He also worked at global research company GfK, overseeing its move into digital activation and transition to digital data collection. In addition, Florian has experience in growing startup companies, such as Dimestore Media (acquired by GfK), Right Media (acquired by Yahoo!) and InsightExpress (acquired by WPP).

Matt Turck is a partner at FirstMark, where he focuses on early-stage investments in enterprise software and cloud, with a particular predilection for data infrastructure, machine learning (ML) and AI. His current portfolio includes companies such as Dataiku, Ada Support, Cockroach Labs and Synthesia. For the last 10+ years, Matt has been publishing the annual MAD (ML, AI, Data) Landscape, and organizing Data Driven NYC, the largest data/AI meetup in the US.

Mihkel Jäätma is the co-founder and CEO of Realeyes, an AI computer vision company created in 2007 while he was studying for his Masters at Oxford University. Following breakthrough R&D investments, he has grown Realeyes to be a global leader in vision AI, securing various multi-million partnerships with clients in enterprise technology. Prior to Realeyes, from the age of 22, Mihkel spent four years investing a €100 million fund while simultaneously running a group of four companies with over 200 employees.

Ollie Forsyth is the global head of community at Antler, a day zero, early-stage VC investor that has offices in 25 cities around the world. Ollie is also a regular writer for publications such as The Creator Economy, E-commerce and generative AI, and hosts The Makers Podcast. Before joining Antler, he worked at Molten Ventures, a leading VC firm that focuses on tech entrepreneurs.


John matthews
John Matthews New York, United States
Managing Director
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Joni pitkaranta
Joni Pitkäranta Helsinki, Finland
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John Matthews is a managing director at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in New York. Coming to investment banking after a career in the technology and management consulting sectors, John has more than 10 years of investment banking experience advising sell-side and buy-side middle-market clients on M&A transactions. Notable AI-related transactions include the sale of Admeta to WideOrbit and the sale of Helixa to Telmar.

Joni Pitkäranta is a partner at Oaklins Finland and leads Oaklins’ enterprise SaaS team. He has extensive experience in corporate finance and strategy, especially in new business creation and value building. Joni’s expertise covers a wide range of sectors, with a particular focus on TMT.

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