International asset manager invests in German climate project developer

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The private shareholders of FORLIANCE GmbH have sold a majority share in the company to Macquarie Asset Management. The investment was on behalf of funds managed by MAM.

FORLIANCE is a leading nature-based carbon developer focused on projects that utilise natural assets such as forest, wetlands, grasslands and agricultural lands to generate carbon credits. With a development pipeline across south and central America, FORLIANCE’s projects comprise of Afforestation and Reforestation (ARR), projects that reduce the emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), and other natural climate solutions to enable greater ecological management of the landscape, and simultaneously have the potential to unlock several benefits for the local population, biodiversity, and global climate. The business is active across many parts of the carbon offsets value chain, advising local governments, producing earth observation analysis, partnering with landowners on developing projects and trading high-quality carbon offsets. Additionally, FORLIANCE advises corporations on strategies to achieve their net zero and carbon neutrality targets.

The rapid growth of decarbonization and carbon offset markets reflects the global awareness of climate change and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions. Companies worldwide are setting ambitious goals, making carbon offset markets an essential tool for achieving ecological and social objectives. A recent transaction involving MAM and FORLIANCE demonstrates the significance of this market´ as they join forces to collaborate in the complex decarbonization, reforestation and carbon offset sectors. FORLIANCE’s expertise will be invaluable to MAM as they navigate this rapidly evolving industry. JAN P. HATJE, MANAGING PARTNER, OAKLINS, GERMANY

Oaklins played a significant role in making this deal happen

Oaklins’ team in Germany acted as lead advisor to the private shareholders of FORLIANCE GmbH throughout the entire sale process, including the preparation phase and execution of due diligence.

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