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During challenging and uncertain times, one of the most important things is to surround ourselves with knowledgable and supportive people. At Oaklins we've made the best use of our excellent human capital to stay on top of things and find the best solutions.

If you are a business owner or CEO looking for additional support, we have the professional resources to help you position your company to prosper on the other side of the curve.

Today, we want to share with you how we, across borders, teams, industries and markets have collaborated closely, helping entrepreneurs and companies get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

Global deal highlights

TMT I Implementing French digital connections

Oaklins’ team in France assisted Groupe JVS and its shareholders throughout this highly competitive sale process to structure the most attractive transaction for its client. Read more.

LOGISTICS I Facilitating a landmark transaction in the North American rail industry

Cad Railway Industries Ltd. (CadRI), a Canadian company that operates in the rolling stock maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) sector, has been acquired by Sojitz Group. Read more.

TMT I Moving people to remake the world

One of our TMT teams in New York acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Purpose in this transaction. Read more.

FOOD & BEVERAGE I Achieving an optimal succession for a family-owned company

Stadtmühle Schenk AG, one of the top three flour mills in Switzerland, has been acquired by Kowema AG, a group of companies owned by a number of Swiss pension funds. Read more.

TMT I Screening the market for a perfect partner

The shareholders of Xi-Tech Limited (Sens-Tech) have sold the company to discoverIE Group plc.

Read more.

Global insights publications

TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS I Adapt and evolve in times of crisis

The global COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the dynamics of international supply chains and domestic trade, impacting transportation industries across the board. We’ve asked a few of our experts to comment on the trends they see in the industry. Read more.

ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE I Mid-market oil & gas companies barreling along until demand picks up

The current unprecedented COVID-19 situation has thrown the oil & gas industry into turmoil and left it sailing in uncharted waters. Oaklins’ energy infrastructure specialist, Neal Patel, gives us an overview of the additional factors that helped contribute to the market drop. Read more.

HEALTHCARE I Adapt and evolve in times of crisis

Curious to know what the new normal may look like, how COVID-19 is transforming industries and how this will affect our businesses and our lives? We’ve asked our experts to comment on the trends they see in a selection of industries, starting with healthcare. Read more.

FOOD INGREDIENTS I COVID-19 accelerating the desire for healthy nutrition

The COVID-19 pandemic may have reduced demand in many industries, but the nutritional ingredients market is more popular than ever amongst others due to perceived healing properties and consumers’ desires to further protect their well-being. Read more.

INSIGHTS, DATA, EXPERIENCES & ANALYTICS I New behaviors shaping the insights industry

Can businesses really expect to thrive during the post-Covid recession? Oaklins’ insights, data, experiences & analytics specialist Ken Sonenclar says that they can and offers sound suggestions on how to adapt to get ahead. Read more.

DISTRIBUTION I Get the right perspective on what’s ahead for distribution

How have COVID-19 fears impacted distribution sector M&A deals and valuations, and what lies ahead in the coming months? Read more.

AUTOMOTIVE OEM SUPPLIER I Powering ahead in the automotive industry

How can businesses stay ahead in the industry when sales and production of light vehicles are declining? Oaklins’ automotive OEM supplier specialist, Matt Mueller, looks at future trends and optimal strategies for companies to remain competitive. Read more.

HVAC: A breath of fresh air

Oaklins’ HVAC specialist, Philip Barker, reviews ways that technology can address growing demand for improved air quality and stringent new standards, now with the spread of COVID-19 the need for clean, healthy air is greater than ever. Read more.

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