The rise of an international leader in the gas and water smart meters sector

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SIT S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of Janz-Contagem e Gestão de Fluídos S.A. (Janz), a consolidated Portuguese player specializing in the manufacture of residential water meters.


The water metering market is expected to grow considerably in the coming years. The scarcity of water is highlighting the industry and its ability to increase efficiency and safeguard the resource.

Oaklins’ commitment and international reach have been crucial in the identification of the right target for us and throughout the acquisition process. The team’s professionalism and dedication helped us to smoothly negotiate the path of this complex cross-border acquisition, carried out almost entirely remotely to cope with the COVID-19 situation. FEDERICO DE STEFANI, CEO AND CHAIRMAN, SIT S.P.A., ITALY

Oaklins found the best partner to expand the business

Oaklins’ teams in Italy and Portugal advised the buyer throughout the acquisition process, from the scouting of the potential target to the negotiations which led to the closing of the operation.

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