A renovation wave to improve homes’ energy performance in France

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HomeServe has acquired EnergyGo, a specialist in energy efficiency.

EnergyGo operates in a dynamic market, supported by the French government’s incentive programs to promote energy efficiency and address a threefold challenge: to fight against climate change, to support the cost of living through reduced energy bills, and to improve both the comfort and value of homes.

Oaklins has demonstrated from day one a solid understanding of our business, issues and counterparts, as well as guided and advised us during a focused process aimed at renowned industry players and selected private equity sponsors.  RAPHAËL ASSOULINE, SHAREHOLDER, ENERGYGO, FRANCE 

Oaklins assists in finding the right partner

Oaklins’ team in France organized, prepared and led a competitive process involving tier-1 French and international trade buyers as well as private equity investors, to support EnergyGo’s growth and development strategy. The process had high levels of interest that enabled shareholders to select a preferred and limited set of parties, and was successfully won by HomeServe, the best value-added partner for EnergyGo’s future.

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