Digital strategies driving the distribution landscape

Distribution Spot On

Digital strategies are increasingly essential for businesses across all sectors, and in distribution various trends in that area are driving the industry’s future. These trends and related considerations are explored at length in this new publication from Oaklins’ distribution specialist Alex Kellison.


In addition, the report includes a summary of recent happenings in the distribution market, and gives an overview of four significant subgroups that focus on the wholesale and retail of goods. It also features a selection of publicly listed companies and valuation trends from the four subgroups.

David Sheffield, the CFO of Coastal Construction Products, a leading wholesale distributor of waterproofing supplies in the southeastern USA, talks about the company’s growth strategies, the M&A environment and what the next five to 10 years might bring.

We also look at M&A activity in the distribution sector during Q3 2019, and a case study featuring two logistics service providers involved in a combined sale to Waterland Private Equity Investments.

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