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What seven key trends are driving greenhouse players to team up with strategic partners and investors to secure their place in the future? Oaklins' horticulture specialist Frank de Hek analyzes the sector's attractiveness for newcomers and benefits their scale and breadth of experience bring to the industry. Our selection of illustrative case studies provides real-world examples.

Driven by seven fundamental long-term trends, the market for greenhouses is changing and witnessing rapid growth. An increasing number of market players is adapting to capture the opportunities these changes present by forming partnerships, either with strategic parties or professional investors. These partnerships offer clear advantages, including scale, knowledge sharing, growth acceleration and an improvement of service and product offering. As the industry is maturing, becoming one of the top players is key to sustaining the attractive profitability margins that are currently characterizing the industry. FRANK DE HEK, HORTICULTURE SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

Also in this issue of Spot On, Koen Brabander, shareholder and CCO of international horticultural solution developer PB tec, shares his views on how his company and others have adapted to the changing market dynamic, stressing the need for growth as a key strategic pillar.


With global attention turning to high-tech greenhouse production to tackle long-term food scarcity and other critical issues, valuations remain strong. We list recent transactions to give you an overview of the latest M&A activity in this rapidly changing market. 

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