Global trends & opportunities in agriculture

Webinar recap: An appetite for M&A and investments in the agriculture sector

Moderated by:

Doug Kravet, Global Head of Agriculture, Oaklins

Peter Gray, President, Oaklins

During a one-hour webinar, our global panel shared their insights on opportunities and challenges entrepreneur-led firms in North America, South America, Europe and North Africa are encountering as they pursue and finance M&A transactions, expansion plans and growth opportunities across the agricultural supply chain.

Agricultural markets proved their importance this year, when food security and global supply chain stability became the focal point as the pandemic expanded globally. After the initial shock to the food supply system, consumers reaffirmed their preferences toward organic food, sustainability, and health and wellness activities in general. When added to the need for technology to improve productivity in emerging markets, this translates to a large pent-up demand for M&A opportunities and investment in the overall agriculture sector. DOUG KRAVET


If you were unable to attend, you can watch the recording below:


  1. General agriculture economic conditions improve in the USA, strong demand for M&A deals: Doug Kravet, Global Head of Agriculture, Oaklins (minute 02:59)
  2. Horticulture trends that are driving M&A deals: Frank de Hek, Horticulture Specialist, Oaklins, Netherlands (minute 09:29)
  3. Overview of the M&A environment in LatAm markets: Alejandro Dillon, Partner, Oaklins, Argentina (minute 15:32)
  4. Recent activity in SPACs and their impact on food and agriculture businesses: Russ Tolander, Managing Director, Oaklins, Dallas, USA (minute 23:57)
  5. A snapshot of European debt markets for middle-market companies: Bas Stoetzer, Debt Advisory Specialist, Oaklins, Netherlands (minute 31:52)
  6. Overview of trends in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa: Zineb Chaouni, Partner, Oaklins, Morocco (minute 36:37)
  7. Q&A (minute 43:53)
  • Thoughts on AI and agriculture (minute 44:35)
  • Views on vertical farming investments (minute 46:30)
  • Thoughts on the current agricultural cycle (minute 48:10)
  • What does the future hold for SPACs (minute 50:00)
  • Are valuations of agricultural producers increasing, steady or declining (minute 51:52)


Doug kravet 0
Doug Kravet Jacksonville, United States
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Peter gray 0
Peter Gray London, United Kingdom
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Doug Kravet is a principal at Oaklins’ member firm in Jacksonville and Savannah, and leads Oaklins’ agriculture and organic & sustainable agriculture team. He also currently serves on Oaklins International’s executive committee as treasurer. Doug has over 20 years of experience and has successfully led and been involved in transactions in many industries, including agriculture, food & beverage, business services, healthcare, distribution & logistics, and manufacturing. He also has performed more than 300 valuations. Doug has an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA from the University of North Florida.

Peter Gray is the current president of Oaklins International and is a partner at Oaklins Cavendish, one of Oaklins’ member firms in the UK. He also leads Oaklins’ financial services team. Since joining the firm in 1994, Peter has been involved in the sale of over 70 companies, including many in the financial services sector. He is a frequent lecturer on the subject of mergers and acquisitions, and has written a book on the subject entitled The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Business.


Frank de hek
Frank de Hek Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Alejandro dillon
Alejandro Dillon Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Russ tolander
Russ Tolander Dallas, United States
Managing Director
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Bas stoetzer 0
Bas Stoetzer Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Zineb chaouni
Zineb Chaouni Casablanca, Morocco
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Frank de Hek is a partner at Oaklins Netherlands. He has extensive experience in the agritech and horticulture sector. He proactively approaches the market by regularly publishing newsletters, attending trade fairs, giving lectures, and holding a continuous dialogue with the main market players. He has in-depth knowledge of the breeding, nutrition, agri-engineering and machinery markets. The most notable transactions he has closed in the sector are with Syngenta, Dümmen Orange and Olij Rozen.

Alejandro Dillon is a partner at Oaklins’ member firm in Argentina. He also serves on Oaklins’ executive committee as vice president of the organization in Latin America. With more than 30 years of investment banking experience, Alejandro has been involved in over 150 transactions and has worked actively with the Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. He has advised public and private clients as well as private equity funds in a variety of industries, including agriculture, financial services and consumer & retail. Recent clients he has advised include ROFEX S.A., BGH S.A. and The Rohatyn Group (Forestry Funds 7 and 8, LP).

Russ Tolander is a managing director at Oaklins’ member firm in Dallas. He has over 20 years of institutional sales, and research and investment management experience specific to the small capitalization public equity marketplace. He works on sell-side mergers & acquisitions for clients across several industries, including tech-enabled manufacturing and distribution companies, consumer and e-commerce companies, communications equipment companies and the energy E&P supply chain. He also assists micro- and small-cap public companies in examining strategic alternatives.

Bas Stoetzer is a partner and co-founder of Oaklins Debt Advisory, part of Oaklins Netherlands. With more than 25 years’ experience in arranging, structuring and negotiating debt packages, he co-leads Oaklins’ debt advisory team.

Zineb Chaouni is a partner at Oaklins’ member firm in Morocco. With more than 12 years’ experience in M&A, corporate finance, project finance, and fund- and debt raising, she has advised numerous clients in the agriculture and agro-industry in North and Western Africa, such as Sovena, Elaia, Castel Group, and more. Zineb has worked on several transactions in the agriculture space, particularly in the olive oil, wine and dates sub-sectors.

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