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Innovation has flipped the financial sector on its head. Fintech companies have taken the lead, using new technology to create appealing services in everything from lending to payments. However, established banks are quickly catching up and finding their own way forward. Whether you’re looking to acquire, merge or prepare for an exit, our dedicated professionals can help you turn this disruptive environment to your advantage, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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ATM Net has been acquired by Kontanten AB
Business Support Services | Financial Services | Private Equity

ATM Net has been acquired by Kontanten AB

Point Transaction Systems AS (Point) has sold ATM Net, the leading independent operator of ATMs in Norway, to the Swedish company Kontanten AB for an undisclosed consideration.

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Svea Ekonomi AB has acquired Maksuturva
Business Support Services | Financial Services | TMT

Svea Ekonomi AB has acquired Maksuturva

Svea Ekonomi AB, one of the leading groups in credit management and financial services in Sweden, has acquired Maksuturva Group Oy and Maksuturva ICT Services Oy (together Maksuturva), with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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Exclusive Capital GmbH has completed a joint venture agreement with Miller Leasing Miete GmbH
Financial Services | Private Equity | TMT

Exclusive Capital GmbH has completed a joint venture agreement with Miller Leasing Miete GmbH

Exclusive Capital GmbH, a division of Exclusive Group, has completed a joint venture with Miller Leasing Miete GmbH.

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“Through their experience of transactions in the financial services sector, as well as strategic and financial competence, Oaklins' team had a vital role throughout the acquisition process. We are very pleased with their efforts and the value we have been able to create for Svea Ekonomi.”

Lennart Ågren

Owner and CEO, Svea Ekonomi AB

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Going global to deliver a broader set of payment solutions

DEAL FLASH: Sentenial Group and its open banking brand Nuapay, a leading end-to-end payments platform specialized in account-2-account transactions, have been sold to EML Payments. The preparation phase was key for the Oaklins Cavendish team, based in the UK, to ensure that they had a thorough and detailed understanding of the business and the open banking market.

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