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Maabarot Products Ltd. has acquired Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o

Maabarot Products Ltd., a company producing and marketing a broad range of nutritional products, has acquired Laboratoria Natury Sp. z o.o, a manufacturer of food supplements, vitamins and minerals in Poland, for US$4.5 million.

Maabarot Products Ltd. and its subsidiaries manufacture and market a broad range of products including baby food, pet food, vitamins, nutritional supplements and organic food. Based in Israel, the company sells its products in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Uzbekistan and India. It also exports to Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Polish firm Laboratoria Natury is active in the development, manufacture and marketing of food supplements, vitamins and minerals (VMS). The company specializes in aloe-based preparations, supplying wholesalers, pharmacies and herbal stores as well as some hypermarkets and supermarkets. Laboratoria’s export markets include Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Oaklins' teams in Poland and Israel collaborated closely in this transaction. The Israeli team advised Maabarot Products Ltd. on the acquisition process, initiating the transaction and running a structured international search with the full involvement of other Oaklins' teams. After having identified a Polish transaction target, our Polish and Israeli teams jointly concluded the process, originating the contact with the seller, collecting information, advising on valuation, coordinating the due diligence and advising on the negotiations.

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