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As emerging markets keep bridging the gap with developed economies, the world is undoubtedly racing toward more sustainable practices and locally grown food. By making strategic acquisitions to handle commodity price swings, achieve vertical integration and develop cross-border supply chains, our knowledgeable specialists can help you become a global frontrunner in future agriculture, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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Vitacress Salads Limited has been acquired by RAR Group
Agriculture | Food & Beverage | Real Estate

Vitacress Salads Limited has been acquired by RAR Group

The private shareholders of Vitacress Salads Limited (Vitacress) have sold the company to RAR Group for US$105 million.

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Grupo Agris has acquired Sanipina
Agriculture | Consumer & Retail

Grupo Agris has acquired Sanipina

With the acquisition of Sanipina, Grupo Agris expands its geographical footprint and consolidates its presence in the region of Algarve in Portugal.

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Grupo Agris has acquired Desinfestex
Agriculture | Consumer & Retail

Grupo Agris has acquired Desinfestex

Grupo Agris has acquired Desinfestex, a company dedicated to the distribution of products for agriculture. With this acquisition, Grupo Agris expands its geographic presence in the Portuguese territory and strengthens its position as a reference distributor of agricultural products.

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“With our acquisition of Yes Sinergy, we at Olmix Group are accelerating our international growth and establishing ourselves as a leading provider of bio-sourced solutions for agriculture. Thanks to Oaklins’ relationship with Aqua, we have been able to bridge the gap on many occasions. The dedication and diligence of the team were instrumental in securing the approval of all stakeholders on the rationale for Olmix to proceed with such a transaction.”

Nicolas Baudin

Head of M&A, Olmix Group

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Reshaping industries: M&A highlights and strategic vision

QUARTERLY M&A ACTIVITY: The second quarter of 2024 marked a dynamic period for Oaklins with 62 closed transactions. This activity underscores the adaptability of various industries to evolving market conditions and strategic imperatives.

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