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A passion for M&A combined with decades of experience in TMT drives our leadership in the industry. We recognize that rapid technological evolution, dramatic globalization and sector convergence are creating abundant M&A opportunities. Whether you need access to Silicon Valley investors or the leading global media and technology companies, we will combine our commitment and ingenuity with global reach to achieve extraordinary results.

Our track record in TMT speaks for itself.


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Technology, Media and Telecommunications specialists


South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler


Canada, Montreal

Rick Richter

Mexico, Mexico City

Alejandro Rocha

United States, Boston

Bradford A. Adams

United States, Cleveland

Andrew P. Male

United States, Dallas

Edward J. Dawson

United States, Jacksonville

Paul Dent

United States, Los Angeles

Christopher H. Park

United States, New York

Joanna Stone Herman

United States, Seattle

Scott Hardman

Asia Pacific

Australia, Sydney

Peter Fraser

China, Shanghai

Angela Chen

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Singapore, Singapore

Gerald Ong

Thailand, Bangkok

Suttipon Pommarin

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Christian Hurek

Belgium, Brussels

Bart Delusinne

Czech Republic, Prague

David Tajzich

Denmark, Copenhagen

Flemming Egtved

Estonia, Tallinn

Lauri Isotamm

Finland, Helsinki

Claes von Heiroth

France, Paris

Éric Félix-Faure

Germany, Hamburg

Jan P. Hatje

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Latvia, Riga

Valērija Lieģe

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Frederik van der Schoot

Poland, Warsaw

Maciej Szalaj

Portugal, Lisbon

João Beirôco

Russia, Moscow

Andrey Zaviyalov

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Maheur Mourali

Slovakia, Bratislava

Lukáš Palaščák

Spain, Madrid

José Falgás

Sweden, Stockholm

Adel Koubaa

Switzerland, Bern

Roberto Tracia

United Kingdom, London

Brian Livingston

United Kingdom, London

Linda Sullivan

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