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In an industry packed with ongoing technological breakthroughs, extraordinary opportunities will arise. Together with our committed M&A experts, located in the world’s crucial tech hubs, you can position your company for success. Whether you’re selling your business or driving the transformation forward, our experience in the TMT sector will balance risk and opportunity and support you in closing the best deals.

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QUANTUM Data Analytics has formed a JV with AI-42 Market Intelligence

QUANTUM Data Analytics has formed a JV with AI-42 Market Intelligence

QUANTUM Advisory & Data Analytics International GmbH (QUANTUM) has entered into a joint venture with AI-42 Market Intelligence Ltd.

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RT-RK has completed a valuation process

RT-RK has completed a valuation process

The shareholders of RT-RK d.o.o. have completed a company valuation process.

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LernQuadrat has been acquired by Studienkreis GmbH
Private Equity | TMT

LernQuadrat has been acquired by Studienkreis GmbH

The Zimmermann family, shareholders of LernQuadrat, have sold the company to Studienkreis GmbH.

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“In Thomson Reuters we found a strategic buyer that shares our commitment to the rule of law. We have a proven record of enabling the courts’ digital transformation in the UK. We are optimistic that with Thomson Reuters’ global footprint we will be able to help courts around the world to continue to operate effectively and efficiently into the future.”

Paul Sachs

Founder, CaseLines

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The cloud forecast: How will IBM’s entry impact the IoT landscape?

INTERNET OF THINGS SPOT ON: Oaklins’ IoT specialist Jan P. Hatje investigates the rationale behind the tech giant’s groundbreaking decision to reach for the clouds.

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