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In the increasingly competitive environment of private equity, great deals are harder to find and the exceptional risk becomes the rule. With deep expertise across many industries and 800+ professionals providing M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services globally, we deliver a deal flow consisting of the very best opportunities on the market — and help you gain the upper hand.

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Brookdale Treeland Nurseries has sold a majority stake to Rouge River Capital
Private Equity | Agriculture

Brookdale Treeland Nurseries has sold a majority stake to Rouge River Capital

The shareholders of Brookdale Treeland Nurseries have sold a controlling stake to Rouge River Capital.

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Sanuvox has been acquired by BDG & Partners
Other Industries | Private Equity

Sanuvox has been acquired by BDG & Partners

The owners of Sanuvox Technologies Inc. have sold the company to BDG & Partners.

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“I am very happy with the deal we closed and I don’t think I could have expected a better outcome. The company I have built will continue to grow and my employees are protected. The Oaklins team did an amazing job. Their professionalism and dedication were beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a financial advisor you can trust.”

Sylvain Renzi

Founder, Enterprises ImportFab, Inc.

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US Oracle-focused group makes move into Europe with UK acquisition

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, advised the shareholders of Symatrix on the sale to AST. Oaklins TM Capital in Boston worked alongside the deal team to set up and support buyer conversations in the USA.

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