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With more than 50% of the world’s population living and working in cities, it’s safe to say that real estate plays a lead role in the growth of economies around the world. That makes it a catalyst for change. As resource-efficient structures and smart building technology is becoming the norm, companies need to stay on their toes to gain a competitive edge. Our dedicated professionals make up the most experienced mid-market M&A team in the world, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services. From offices and warehouses to hotels and shopping centers, our real estate expertise can bring you lucrative opportunities globally.

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FTM Distribution has acquired a real estate portfolio
Real Estate

FTM Distribution has acquired a real estate portfolio

FTM Distribution has acquired a real estate portfolio from IDS North America Ltd.

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REV has completed a fundraising
Real Estate

REV has completed a fundraising

REV Real Estate (REV) has raised capital to finance its activity.

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“This is a transformational opportunity for Slate Office REIT to acquire a portfolio of modern properties underpinned by exceptional quality tenants. With this initial acquisition in Ireland, we will be well positioned to pursue other attractive growth opportunities across Europe.”

Steve Hodgson

Chief Executive Officer, Slate Office REIT

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Business owners with a strong M&A strategy find opportunities, regardless of market cycles

JULYl AND AUGUST M&A ACTIVITY: We successfully concluded 38 transactions, of which the majority were sell-side. Notably, over 75% of the transactions we closed were European and 45% were cross-border deals, exemplifying our ability to identify and secure premium targets abroad.

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