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Michal Staron

Directeur général

Michal is a managing director at WOOD & Co., Oaklins’ member firm in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. With more than 18 years of corporate finance and M&A experience, he has worked on a number of deals, especially in healthcare, telecommunications, information technologies, transportation and logistics. Notable clients he has advised include Sygic, Telefonica O2, Tempest, Towercom, Chirana T. Injecta, Slovak Railways and Cologne Bonn Airport.

Michal has worked at WOOD & Co. since 2003. He has a master’s in financial management from Comenius University in Bratislava.

 Michal Staron
Bratislava, Slovaquie


Téléphone bureau
+421 2/324 090 00


WOOD Astra Holding and Tatra AM have acquired 60% in Aupark Bratislava from URW

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Logistique | TMT

70% in Sygic acquired by Eurowag

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Consommation et Détail | Énergie | Placements Privés

SRKF has provided a convertible loan to Ecocapsule

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