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The automobile industry is undergoing a series of radical changes. Society is moving away from fossil fuels and autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality. Our dedicated professionals, seated in the world’s automotive hotspots, are committed to your success in this shifting climate. Our capabilities span from OEMs to emerging technology companies to help you close crucial deals — both in and outside the traditional value chain.

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VOGT AG has been acquired by Artum AG
Automotive | Private Equity

VOGT AG has been acquired by Artum AG

The founding family of VOGT AG has sold the company to Artum AG for an undisclosed consideration.

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ASSAG has been acquired by AVTEC Limited
Automotive | Industrial Machinery & Components

ASSAG has been acquired by AVTEC Limited

The private shareholder of ASSAG, a leading designer and seller of crown gear technology, has sold the company to AVTEC Limited. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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“Oaklins' team in Switzerland not only implemented all the relevant calculations but also coordinated the interests of all the stakeholders involved in the process.”

Anton Haas

CFO, AutoForm

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Powering ahead in the automotive industry

AUTOMOTIVE OEM SUPPLIER SPOT ON: How can businesses stay ahead in the industry when sales and production of light vehicles are declining? Oaklins’ automotive OEM supplier specialist, Matt Mueller, looks at future trends and optimal strategies for companies to remain competitive.

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