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With more than 50% of the world’s population living and working in cities, it’s safe to say that real estate plays a lead role in the growth of economies around the world. That makes it a catalyst for change. As resource-efficient structures and smart building technology is becoming the norm, companies need to stay on their toes to gain a competitive edge. Our dedicated professionals make up the most experienced mid-market M&A team in the world. From offices and warehouses to hotels and shopping centers, our real estate expertise can bring you lucrative opportunities globally.

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Blausee AG has been acquired by Lakus Holding AG
Consumer & Retail | Real Estate

Blausee AG has been acquired by Lakus Holding AG

Mr. Lienhard, owner of Blausee AG has sold 75% of the company to Lakus Holding AG for an undisclosed consideration.

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Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG has been acquired by AEVIS Holding SA
Consumer & Retail | Healthcare | Private Equity | Real Estate

Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG has been acquired by AEVIS Holding SA

The shareholders of Victoria Jungfrau Collection AG, (VJC) the Swiss group of luxury hotels, received a public takeover offer from AEVIS Holding SA (AEVIS), a Swiss investment group focusing on the healthcare sector, acquiring a majority shareholding for US$69.5 million.

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“Oaklins’ Swiss team was a perfect partner for us in this transaction. We could rely on their highly professional and expeditious work at all times, which contributed significantly to the successful completion of this important project. ”

Susanne Meer

CFO, GLB Genossenschaft

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