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Paolo Russo

Director Ejecutivo

Paolo is a managing director at Oaklins Italy. He leads Oaklins’ food & beverage and healthy food teams. He has more than 15 years’ experience in M&A advisory, and has led complex projects in Italy, France, Luxembourg and Germany with trade buyers and private equity firms. He specializes in the food & beverage, fleet management and home automation sectors. Paolo has closed deals with large industrial players, such as TIM, Nestlé and Nice, as well as with mid-market companies.

Prior to joining Oaklins Italy in 2014, Paolo worked in top-tier Italian M&A boutiques and investment funds. He graduated from Turin University with a degree in business administration.

 Paolo Russo
Milan, Italia


Teléfono de trabajo
+39 02 434441

+39 347 276 1717

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