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The world demands a shift from traditional sources to renewables. However, strong opinions alone are not enough for the energy pendulum to swing. As long as demand is rising on both sides, many global companies need to innovate themselves on two fronts: invest in established infrastructure and streamline resource extraction, but also acquire new technology and refresh their brand. By utilizing their in-depth knowledge and established relationships in global markets, our industry specialists help you keep a strong foothold in today’s demand as well as guide you toward a sustainable future, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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Tethys Petroleum Limited has been acquired by SinoHan Oil & Gas Investment BV
Energy | Private Equity

Tethys Petroleum Limited has been acquired by SinoHan Oil & Gas Investment BV

Tethys Petroleum Limited has announced the sale of 50% of its oil and gas assets to SinoHan Oil and Gas Investment BV, a subsidiary of HanHong Private Equity Management Co Ltd, for a consideration of US$75 million.

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Global Solar Energy, Inc. has been acquired by Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.

Global Solar Energy, Inc. has been acquired by Hanergy Holding Group Ltd.

Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. (Hanergy) has acquired Global Solar Energy, Inc. (Global Solar) from Mithril GmbH, a Ger­man family office representing 100% of the shareholders, for an undisclosed consideration.

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Xinyi Energy Holdings has acquired Xinyi Solar Holdings
Construction & Engineering Services | Energy

Xinyi Energy Holdings has acquired Xinyi Solar Holdings

Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited has acquired Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited.

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“The acquisition of Solzaima enables us to gain a proper foothold in the pellet products market. Since pellet products account for the bulk of the market in Southern Europe, Solzaima will play a significant part in our future expansion. The company’s sales predominantly focus on the Iberian peninsula, which means it also complements us perfectly geographically. Solzaima has a strong management with extensive experience of our industry. It is gratifying that they will retain a share in the company for another five years to continue to develop operations together with us, which is completely in line with our philosophy.”

Gerteric Lindquist

Managing Director and CEO, NIBE Industrier AB

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A renovation wave to improve homes’ energy performance in France

DEAL FLASH: With the acquisition of EnergyGo, HomeServe joins the energy renovation market, valued at more than US$30 billion in France for 2022, with the objective of playing a major role in reducing the energy consumption of French households and making the net-zero carbon transition effective.

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