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M&A has always been a big part of a consumer and retail company’s growth strategy. However, as competition gets tighter and demand for more purpose-driven brands increases, companies come to us not just for scale, but also to reshape their portfolios for a more customer-focused strategy. Whether you’re selling or buying a business, our deep expertise in M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services as well as our established relationships in everything from e-commerce to innovative logistics will guide you toward success in closing the best deals.

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Magical Honour Limited has acquired Matratzen Concord from Beter Bed Holding
Consumer & Retail | Private Equity

Magical Honour Limited has acquired Matratzen Concord from Beter Bed Holding

Magical Honour Limited has acquired Matratzen Concord from Beter Bed Holding.

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MMOGA, Ltd. has been acquired by KEE
Consumer & Retail | TMT

MMOGA, Ltd. has been acquired by KEE

KEE Ever Bright Decorative Technology Co., Ltd. (KEE), based in Kunshan, China, has bought a 100% stake in Hong Kong-based MMOGA, Ltd. from a private owner.

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OL Papéis has been acquired by Bracell
Consumer & Retail

OL Papéis has been acquired by Bracell

The shareholders of OL Papéis have sold the company to Bracell, an RGE Group company.

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“The difficult decision to sell the company was shared with the professional and dedicated team at Oaklins Fortezza Partners. We felt that on our side of the table we not only had an advisor but also a fourth shareholder, willing to maximize the company’s valuation and defend our positions. We highly recommend Oaklins Fortezza to business owners who are thinking of starting an M&A process.”

Valdecir Beche

Shareholder, OL Papéis

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Strengthening the European petcare distribution market

DEAL FLASH: Bio2, a Portuguese petcare wholesaler, has been acquired by Alliando Group. Oaklins’ unwavering support was fundamental for achieving the best deal.

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