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In an industry packed with ongoing technological breakthroughs, extraordinary opportunities will arise. Together with our committed M&A experts, located in the world’s crucial tech hubs, you can position your company for success. Whether you’re selling your business or driving the transformation forward, our experience in the TMT sector will balance risk and opportunity and support you in closing the best deals, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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EQUA Simulation has been acquired by Glodon Company Limited

EQUA Simulation has been acquired by Glodon Company Limited

The private shareholders of EQUA Simulation AB have sold the company to Glodon Company Limited through its Finnish subsidiary MagiCAD.

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Ad-Juster, Inc. has been acquired by Innotech Capitals
Private Equity | TMT

Ad-Juster, Inc. has been acquired by Innotech Capitals

The private shareholders of Ad-Juster, Inc. have sold the company to Innotech Capitals. Financial details will remain confidential.

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MMOGA, Ltd. has been acquired by KEE
Consumer & Retail | TMT

MMOGA, Ltd. has been acquired by KEE

KEE Ever Bright Decorative Technology Co., Ltd. (KEE), based in Kunshan, China, has bought a 100% stake in Hong Kong-based MMOGA, Ltd. from a private owner.

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“Joining forces with MagiCAD opens up new opportunities for EQUA. We expect our new partner to help us move simulation from expert to mainstream, and that design and refurbishment decisions will be increasingly driven by science rather than tradition and fear of under-sizing. With a significant minority ownership still in the company, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to capitalize on Glodon’s existing platform to increase the reach of our solutions within energy optimization and simulation. I am impressed by Oaklins’ dedication and methodical work, which resulted in a deal exceeding expectations.”

Per Sahlin

CEO and founder, EQUA Simulation AB

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