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Hawita Group has been acquired by Group De Ceuster

The private shareholders of Hawita Group have sold the company to Group De Ceuster.

Hawita Group is a well-known company operating in the horticultural industry specializing in the provision of advanced solutions for plant cultivation and care. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio encompassing a wide array of substrates, growing media and specialty soils designed to cater to the distinct requirements of professional growers, nurseries and home gardeners. With a strong commitment to excellence, Hawita Group ensures the creation of optimal conditions for plant growth and development, promoting robust root systems and vibrant foliage. Esteemed for their dedication to quality and sustainability, the group has garnered the trust of customers on a global scale. Its clientele spans across commercial agriculture, horticultural enterprises and avid gardening enthusiasts, all of whom benefit from the company’s profound expertise and reliable products, which significantly enhance plant health and productivity.

Group De Ceuster is a renowned Belgian horticulture company with three distinct divisions: plant care, animal care and biosciences. The plant care division focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions and expertise in plant nutrition, protection and biostimulants, ensuring optimal growth and vitality of plants across various industries. With an extensive product portfolio that includes fertilizers, pesticides and growth enhancers, Group De Ceuster delivers tailored solutions that maximize crop yield and quality. Their customer base spans agricultural businesses, horticultural industries, landscaping professionals and gardening enthusiasts, who rely on the company’s expertise and products to achieve sustainable and thriving plant ecosystems.

Oaklins’ team in Germany took on the role of lead advisor to the shareholders of Hawita Group throughout the entire sale process, including the preparation phase and execution of due diligence. They successfully handled the approach and parallel negotiations with potential buyers and provided assistance until the closing of the deal. Oaklins’ global reach and strong support from local teams in the Netherlands and Belgium were instrumental in attracting interest from potential buyers worldwide.


Contáctese con el equipo de la transacción

Dr. Florian  von Alten

Dr. Florian von Alten

Socio Director
Hamburgo, Alemania
Oaklins Germany
 Frank  de Hek

Frank de Hek

Amsterdam, Países Bajos
Oaklins Netherlands
 Thomas  Roelens

Thomas Roelens

Director Ejecutivo
Bruselas, Bélgica
Oaklins KBC Securities
 Christoph  Rummelt

Christoph Rummelt

Hamburgo, Alemania
Oaklins Germany
 Thorben  Hinderks

Thorben Hinderks

Asociado Senior
Hamburgo, Alemania
Oaklins Germany

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