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Javier Del Rio


Javier is an associate at APOYO Finanzas Corporativas, Oaklins’ member firm in Peru. He is responsible for the execution of transactions ranging from M&A (sell-side and buy-side) to debt restructurings and valuations. Recent deals he has advised on include the sale of ESSAC to French conglomerate Séché Group, and Spanish conglomerate Grupo Cobra’s acquisition of BISA.

Prior to joining APOYO in 2021, Javier worked as an investment banking senior analyst at Itaú BBA and Scotiabank in Lima, Peru. He also worked as a finance analyst at Trafigura in Montevideo, Uruguay. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Universidad del Pacifico, with a minor in finance.

 Javier Del Rio
Lima, Perú


Teléfono de trabajo
+51 902 518 842 Anexo 107

+51 902 518 842

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ESSAC has been acquired by Séché Environnement

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