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Private Equity | Food & Beverage

Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH has been acquired by SRS Holding

Peter Möhrle Holding GmbH & Co. has sold Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH to SRS GmbH.

Teutoburger Ölmühle is a premium manufacturer of edible oils, including rapeseed, sunflower and linseed oil, and one of the market leaders for cold-pressed rapeseed oil in Germany. The majority of revenues are generated by private label, closely followed by own brands. Additionally, the company sells by-products to the industrial and animal feed segments. The product portfolio focuses on organic products with entry-level and premium products.

SRS Holding is owned by Josef Rettenmaier.

Peter Möhrle Holding is the office of the Peter Möhrle family and is active in the fields of corporate investments, asset management and real estate investments. Operating from its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, its working principles are governed by trust, discretion and integrity.

Oaklins’ team in Germany acted as the exclusive advisor to the shareholders of Teutoburger Ölmühle during the entire M&A process.

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Dr. Florian  von Alten

Dr. Florian von Alten

Executive Board Member
Hamburg, Deutschland
Oaklins Germany
 Lukas  Girke

Lukas Girke

Frankfurt, Deutschland
Oaklins Germany


Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts
Private Equity | Industrial Machinery & Components | Logistics

Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts

Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts. With the entry of PK OEM Parts, Zephyr Group aims to achieve a consolidated turnover of approximately US$65 million in 2023. The acquisition will allow an increase in the services and product range offered to customers by leveraging the group’s know-how and logistical capabilities. Furthermore, the acquisition represents a step forward in the growth and consolidation strategy that Zephyr Group started in 2018 with the acquisition of Spanish competitor SKV.

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Baird Capital invests in Freemarket
Private Equity | Financial Services

Baird Capital invests in Freemarket

Baird Capital has completed a growth capital investment in Freemarket. The investment supports Freemarket’s continuing fast growth and international expansion, as well as providing a partial cash-out to existing shareholders.

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Strahinjcica has been acquired by Studenac
Private Equity | Consumer & Retail

Strahinjcica has been acquired by Studenac

The owner of Strahinjcica has sold the company to Studenac.

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