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DynaVision Group, Inc. has acquired Groupe RS&DE inc.

DynaVision Group, Inc. (DynaVision), a subsidiary of Grande Armée Conseil SARL, a consulting firm that claims scientific research and experimental development (SR and ED) income tax credits, has acquired Groupe RS&DE inc. for US$3.3 million.

DynaVision is involved in preparation of scientific and financial appendices for claims; filing of SR and ED forms for federal and provincial declarations; defense of the case, in case of audit; enterprise fiscal planning counseling; and coaching of SR and ED project managers. It also involves in counseling on internal project documentation, financing the tax credits, and applications for advanced rulings, and the preparation of financial projection spreadsheets. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Mississauga, Canada.

Groupe RS&DE Inc. provides tax credit entitlement services. The group offers tax credits for various projects, such as experimental development, applied research, and pure research for covering various expenses, such as wages and salaries, subcontractors, third-party payments, materials consumed and transformed, lease costs for equipment, capital expenditures, and overhead and other expenditures. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Quebec, Canada.

Oaklins' team in Montreal, Canada, acted as the exclusive advisor to DynaVision in the acquisition of Groupe RS&DE Inc.

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