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The world demands a shift from traditional sources to renewables. However, strong opinions alone are not enough for the energy pendulum to swing. As long as demand is rising on both sides, many global companies need to innovate themselves on two fronts: invest in established infrastructure and streamline resource extraction, but also acquire new technology and refresh their brand. By utilizing their in-depth knowledge and established relationships in global markets, our industry specialists help you keep a strong foothold in today’s demand as well as guide you toward a sustainable future, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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Zonnepanelen op het Dak has been acquired by Elevion Group

Zonnepanelen op het Dak has been acquired by Elevion Group

Elevion Group has acquired a majority stake in Zonnepanelen op het Dak (ZOHD).

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SCAME PARRE has acquired Magnum Cap
Automotive | Energy | Other Industries

SCAME PARRE has acquired Magnum Cap

SCAME PARRE S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of 85% of Magnum Cap – Electrical Power Solutions, Lda. This transaction enables SCAME to consolidate its e-mobility business with the acquisition of a pioneer in developing electric vehicle chargers. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, charging systems are experiencing fast growth globally.

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SIT S.p.a. has acquired Janz CGF S.A.
Energy | Industrial Machinery & Components | Other Industries

SIT S.p.a. has acquired Janz CGF S.A.

SIT S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of 100% of Janz-Contagem e Gestão de Fluídos S.A. (Janz), a consolidated Portuguese player specialized in manufacturing residential water meters. The price, excluding cash and debt, amounts to US$34.3 million. An earnout of up to US$1 million is also stipulated on the basis of achieving certain targets in 2021.

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“We are only at the beginning of something that is going to be very big. In the future, the entire energy market will change and become completely sustainable. We see enormous opportunities and have therefore entered into this strategic partnership with Elevion Group.”

Jan Aernoud van Eeken

Founder and CEO, Zonnepanelen op het Dak

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Reshaping industries: M&A highlights and strategic vision

QUARTERLY M&A ACTIVITY: The second quarter of 2024 marked a dynamic period for Oaklins with 62 closed transactions. This activity underscores the adaptability of various industries to evolving market conditions and strategic imperatives.

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