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As we reflect on the first quarter of 2023, the business landscape remains complex but this also means it presents strategic opportunities. M&A remains a vital tool for CEOs looking to reposition their businesses, fuel growth and secure long-term success. Moreover, uncertainty and market volatility can lead to more attractive valuations, creating well-timed acquisition opportunities and even uncovering previously inaccessible assets.


However, during uncertain times, many business owners may experience wavering confidence, making access to accurate and up-to-date information more critical than ever. By gathering insights and engaging with experts, you can stay ahead and seize opportunities to make informed, agile decisions that push your organization forward.


Remaining positive, ambitious and focused on achieving extraordinary results is essential in today's dynamic business environment. As we continue to adapt and evolve together, we invite you to explore our Q1 2023 highlights and learn how we can help you navigate the uncharted waters of today's ever-changing world.

Local insight publications

MARKET REVIEW Q1 2023 | M&A activity in Denmark and Europe shows a promising first quarter of 2023, with only a small decrease compared to the record high levels of 2022

The number of transactions in Q1 2023 shows a solid activity level in both Denmark and Europe after the record-breaking 2022. This indicates a strong market and a good potential of continued high activity in 2023, despite a number of uncertainties at macro level in Europe. Read more.

Global insight publications

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I TIC market appears less prone to macroeconomic uncertainties

TIC SPOT ON: Oaklins expert Arjen Kostelijk explores recent market trends and the reasons why TIC businesses are popular with investors. Read more.

TMT I Insights industry experts reveal dramatic changes and investment opportunities

INSIGHTS SPOT ON: Oaklins recently hosted a webinar on brandtech, key trends and investment opportunities in the market research and insights sector, considering the impact of recent global challenges and what the future might bring in this industry. Read more.

HVAC I Industry boosted by growing demand for energy-efficient systems

HVAC SPOT ON: Despite global macroeconomic pressures, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector is enjoying strong demand thanks to growing requirements for energy-efficient and “smart” HVAC systems in response to climate change. In our new HVAC Spot On report, our industry specialist, Philip Barker, looks into this and other trends currently having an impact on the market. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I Full speed ahead — railway rolling stock proves its resilience

RAIL ROLLING STOCK SPOT ON: Sébastien Nadeau, Oaklins’ rail rolling stock specialist, takes us through different strategic rationales behind recent transactions, and also compares performance figures for public rail-related manufacturers. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING SERVICES I Short-term challenges, sustained long-term growth

BUILDING PRODUCTS REPORT: In our latest Building Products Report, specialists from Oaklins TM Capital in the US, dive into the current status of the market and the headwinds it could encounter in the coming months. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Opening a window onto the current flat glass market

GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPOT ON: Oaklins recently hosted a webinar focused on the glass sector and featuring an expert panel that looked at the current situation within the market, and what this year might bring. In our latest Spot On, we include an overview of some of the main insights from the event. Read more.

LOGISTICS I Distribution sector headwinds are starting to ease

DISTRIBUTION SPOT ON: Don Wiggins, our distribution specialist, provides a market overview by looking at four different subgroups in the industry, exploring valuations and trends from the past three years. Our Spotlight feature focuses on Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc., a publicly traded distributor of building and complementary products, and its growth strategy for the coming years. Read more.

Voice from China

UPDATE ON THE M&A MARKET IN CHINA: Our Shanghai-based principal, Angela Chen, looks at the key influences that will impact both businesses and transactions in the coming months. The electric vehicle battery sector is covered in a Spotlight feature, along with three related case studies involving Chinese companies. Read more.

Local deal highlights

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS | Novedo continues expansion with Danish metal components specialist

Novedo has entered into an agreement to acquire Stantraek – an industrial company specialised in customised components and sheet metal parts for industrial applications. This marks Novedo’s second acquisition in Denmark, and is an important, strategic addition to the Novedo group. Read more.

ENERGY | Copenhagen Atomics concludes its 2022 funding round

Copenhagen Atomics has raised US$21.6 million to accelerate the development of thorium molten salt reactors.Copenhagen Atomics is developing a thorium molten salt reactor (MSR), which burns nuclear waste to create an abundance of affordable and green energy. Read more.

Global deal highlights

LOGISTICS I Partners join forces for international expansion

DEAL FLASH: Leschaco Group has acquired Grupo Empresarial Coltrans S.A.S., thereby expanding its global network. Oaklins’ coordinated teams helped navigate the complexity of this transaction across borders. Read more.

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I New partnership in the facility management services sector in northern Germany

DEAL FLASH: Bockholdt GmbH & Co. KG has been sold to STRABAG Property and Facility Services Group. Oaklins is proud to have helped the Bockholdt family to find a strong partner in STRABAG PFS. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Brazil’s ceramic industry sees new leader after acquisition of top producer

DEAL FLASH: The acquisition of Elizabeth Revestimentos by Eliane Revestimentos, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, creates the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in Brazil. Oaklins’ expertise and dedication were fundamental to the success of the transaction. Read more.

TMT I Continued internationalization for simulation software company with world-leading digital building platform

DEAL FLASH: EQUA Simulation AB has been divested to MagiCAD Group Oy, a Finnish subsidiary of the Shenzhen A-share listed Glodon Company Limited. Oaklins guided EQUA’s owners through the process. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Croatian premium furniture producer welcomes a new investor

DEAL FLASH: The largest Croatian manufacturer of solid oak furniture, Spin Valis d.d., has been acquired by Pervanovo Invest AB. Oaklins played a pivotal role in arranging this deal and coordinated the whole sale process. Read more.

HEALTHCARE I TMT I Strategic expansion into the digital health market to improve patient safety

DEAL FLASH: The acquisition of MBI Healthcare Technologies by DNV AS demonstrates Oaklins’ ability to advise on complex international transactions and deliver outstanding results for clients. MBI supports the NHS in England with innovative technology and a critical managed service solution. Read more.

AEROSPACE, DEFENSE & SECURITY I A NewSpace jewel onboards with a major Earth-Space communications OEM

DEAL FLASH: Following a successful development phase, Syrlinks’ founders and shareholders were looking for a new partner to support the sector’s strong growth, especially in the US market. Oaklins’aerospace, defense & security team played a key role in finding Safran, the best strategic fit. Read more.

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