AI's transformative role in healthcare and life sciences: Unleashing investment potential

Date: Tuesday 19 September 2023 | Time: 16:00 CEST (10:00 EDT)

Moderated by:

John Matthews, AI specialist, Oaklins

Elaine Riddell, Life sciences commercialization specialist, Oaklins

Global healthcare is grappling with the effects of aging populations, post-COVID-19 aftermath, climate change impacts, escalating costs and workforce challenges. However, advances in modern and generative AI not only promise to tackle these issues but also enhance patient care and expedite drug discovery. As AI's significance becomes ever-clearer, it's set to catalyze pivotal shifts in both healthcare and healthtech through M&A. JOHN MATTHEWS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

The evolving landscape of AI in healthcare and life sciences is ushering in a new era of opportunities, especially in mergers and acquisitions. Dive deep into this groundbraking topic with a panel of AI experts and industry insiders by joining our webinar.

What to expect

  • The impact of AI: Understand AI's potential for reshaping patient care, accelerating drug discovery, and revolutionizing clinical diagnosis and care delivery
  • M&A in focus: Discover the most promising M&A avenues that are emerging as AI reshapes healthcare and life sciences
  • Expert perspectives: Gain firsthand insights from pioneers at the forefront of AI's integration into healthcare and life sciences

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Hear these experts share their views about this fast-changing industry: 

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Frank Baitman Baltimore, United States
Member of the Board of Directors, HiLabs
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Ian Chapman-Banks Singapore, Asia
CEO and Co-Founder, SQREEM Technologies
Vijay Sikka San Jose, United States
CEO and Founder,

Frank Baitman is member of the board of directors at HiLabs and a senior advisor at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in New York. He has been a White House Entrepreneur-In-Residence on assignment at the Food and Drug Administration, and initially served as Chief Information Officer for the US Social Security Administration (SSA).  In these roles, he successfully launched initiatives to accelerate digital solutions to provide better quality services to citizens while reducing government spending. They included developing a secure foundation for digital innovation, improving the review and approval of innovative medical devices, and increasing efficiency at SSA with new technology and redesigned business processes.

Ian Chapman-Banks is the CEO and co-founder of SQREEM Technologies. He looks for new ways to predict human behavior, creating AI solutions for governments, banks and pharmaceutical companies. Blending science, coding and business know-how, Ian holds an MBA from Chicago Booth and is a Cambridge student. In the past, he has worked at Apple, Microsoft and Dell, and his business successes include leading a US$4 billion Motorola Asia Pacific venture, delisting a Singapore semiconductor giant for US$4 bullion and listing a Chinese lottery firm at US$500 million.

Vijay Sikka is the CEO and founder of Vijay led the Fabs AI group at Intel Corporation in the mid-1990s, then started his first company that became a competitor of Informatica, Hyperion, Cognos and others, and was subsequently acquired. After his second company was also acquired, in 2002, he semi-retired and authored a book. However, inspired by the huge inefficiencies in the US$350 billion dental, veterinary, optometry and retail healthcare markets, he started this latest company. Today it has 139 million patients on its platform and 30,000 practices. The company is EBITDA positive with 98% recurring revenue and growing extremely rapidly.


Elaine riddell white
Elaine Riddell New York, United States
Managing Director
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John matthews
John Matthews New York, United States
Managing Director
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Elaine Riddell is a managing director at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in New York. She has deep operational expertise in the insights industry supporting healthcare and, in particular, life sciences commercialization, on a global basis. Elaine brings an understanding of the disruptive market dynamics shaping these industries and influencing M&A priorities and spending. This highly relevant market knowledge has enabled Oaklins’ insights team to be regularly invited to pitch and to win the majority of this new business.

John Matthews is a managing director at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in New York. Coming to investment banking after a career in the technology and management consulting sectors, including a number of years in AI and Data engineering and AI consulting, John has more than 10 years of investment banking experience advising sell-side and buy-side middle-market clients on M&A transactions. Notable AI-related transactions include the sale of Admeta to WideOrbit and the sale of Helixa to Telmar.

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Kim jespersen
Kim Harpøth Jespersen Copenhagen, Denmark
Managing Partner
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