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Sentenial Group and its open banking brand Nuapay, a leading end-to-end payments platform specialized in account-2-account transactions, have been sold to EML Payments.

Through its regulated subsidiary Nuapay, Sentenial operates in the fast-growing European open banking sector. The Group powers a complete set of payment options for credit transfers, direct debits, instant payments and open banking.

By combining Sentenial and EML’s capabilities we will create a world-first platform, offering customers the ability to send and receive real-time bank account payments and transactional banking data, and establishing EML as a full-service payments business. TOM CREGAN, CEO, EML PAYMENTS, AUSTRALIA

Oaklins assists in finding the right partner

The preparation phase was key for the Oaklins Cavendish team, based in the UK, to ensure that they had a thorough and detailed understanding of the business and the open banking market. Successfully managing a controlled due diligence process was also crucial, given the large number of questions that were presented to the team.

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